Hawaii 50 / A Year in Paradise at the age of fifty.


50 stands for my age and should not be confused with the famous tv series Hawaii Five-O.
I had a dream. I wanted to spend a year abroad in Hawaii. What many poeple do once in their lifetime, mostly after graduation at the noage of 20 plus and usually without any other obligations in life and probably paid by their parents.Yeah and some happy couples go to Hawaii once in a lifetime for their wedding or honeymoon. The majority of poeple sees Hawaii zero times in their life. I have been to Hawaii many times so far. But a full year sabbatical on the Islands really is something even for me. I turned 50 this year (2019). When people ask me
whether they should go to Hawaii my answer is:Beware; Hawaii is addictive!!!

The life situation at my age, however,is different from that of a teenager. Am I in good health? Is the budget enough? Hopefully my business is still running passively.I won't back down. One Hawaiian day equals a hundred days in Germany. That's a good bargain.It seems to me that I now can put my ordinary life on hold. A partial exit from my german life, yeah that's what it is. Let me try a different everyday life in a different environment. I mean a real Hawaiian phone number with a classic carrier like AT&T,Sprint, Cellular or Verizon. A cellphone plan including unlimited data and especially the real deal including that famous 808 area code.
That is all part of it for me. 808 342 5079 here we go. I'm diving right into my new life, the island life.

Giving up on this dream? Is not an option. I'm applying for a green card too. Better late than never.It is worth a shot.

The costs of learning 9 months  at a language School including home stay, amount to 25,000. I need to cancel that contract I had signed already with ... and look for a different, more reasonble opportunity, because this is way too much money.

12 months(1 additional month before school and 2 afterwards), of course, would cost even more. On top of school there would be costs for 3 month accommodation before and after the time being in School.
It all adds up. School, additional accommodation, flights, costs of food, F1 VISA, foreign health insurance etc. In a nutshell: high expenditure with less revenue.

I am not able to work in Berlin, once I am abroad. I have to pass certain jobs on to suitable people and thus also the revenue. Yes organization / logistics is an issue undoubtedly. The experiment started in July 2019.

Meanwhile I managed to cancel the contract with...(STILL NO NAMES HERE). But so much I can say: outrageously expensive for hardly performance and a big fat cancellation fee on top of it. I want to get it cheaper, check out another school (Global Village), take everything in my own hands to be more flexible.

Flights, School, accommodation (Polynesian Hostel) are booked. But still I have to sublease my apartment. I make a post on the notice board in the Freie Universität. And I am lucky enough, there is a Student and we come to an agreement. Now I have to make my attic effectively and especially cost-effectively winterized, just in case I have to come back in between or for good in the worst case. This attic normally serves as a storage room for surfboards and other stuff.

You never know if the money runs out or or. The tax would go by email. Yeah, the tax adviser receives everything by mail.
That will be okay I guess. An International health insurance is organized. My Visa is issued.

Credit card expires in the period of absence and my bank changes the Terms for online banking just now. Damn it. That's tricky. I'm ordering a new credit card for safety's sake. I buy a Foto-tan-generator, the latest model. In case nothing else is working, I will take this device to transfer money online from paradise. Without online Banking I'd be lost. 

I see how far I can get with the budget available to me. Necessity is the mother of Invention. After 6 months the year 2019 is almost gone. That was fast. I've even seen Maui, thanks to some Swiss guys. Laura talked me into going to Maui. Honestly, it was not hard to convince me, because I wanted to check out Maui anyway. Maui has good surf spots and we had a great time. We did the road to Hana, a 400-meter waterfall, Black Sand Beach and an off-road tour to the Big Wave Spot Jaws.

On Ohau, where I live, I never get bored.I finally managed to walk on the Stairways to Haeven. Here I thank a few Germans and an American for inviting me to undertake this challenging hike.

Now after the first 6 months I'm proud. Life at the Polynesian Hostel is good. I step on the arcade and see the palm trees swaying in the wind. I hear the rustling of the leaves and feel a soft warm wind on my skin. Downstairs coffee and pancakes are waiting for me.
And nice people from everywhere too. Japan, Switzerland, France, Mainland even some Germans.
Now I am in the language school (Global Village). The teachers are more like entertainers. It is fun. International cool classmates. I'm improving my English in a fun, yet effective way. I go surfing every day, either early or at sunset. I have to pinch myself to believe it.
After school I go for a swim in the magical Island Lagoon near the Ala Moana Shopping Mall.

The budget is largely used up and I have to see that I act smart from now on. I surely can make it to March 2020. Then the school is over anyway. 9 months will be over by then too. "Just" 9 not 12,as I dreamt of, but I could live well with that. After all, I've applied for the green card. Having the green card I could work in Hawaii and the stays would be even more everyday life. That's exactly what it's about. To create an everyday life from which you do not need a holiday anymore, because it suits you. As far as friends are concerned, I noticed that some of my german friends who wanted to come over for a visit are planning everything else but coming. Am I disappointed? Well a little but not too much. There are other good friends in Hawaii and it is so beautiful here in the earthly paradise. 

Now Christmas time is coming. This time of year is so lovely here in Hawaii. I love the American christmas carols. Played on the Ukulele or steel guitar they sound even better. And the famous Pipeline Master Surf Contest is coming up.

Let's see how everything else results. My Hawaian life is so different. 
Every man is the architect of his own fortune. I guess at least to a certain degree.
Aloha and mahalo for reading.


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