What is it all about? A good question.

What is it all about? A good question. What is this about? What is important in my life?

What is the essence of my life - I wonder.

Is there anything that matters to me, a few lines I could write on a scratch of paper?

Maybe I would write my personal version of
Raymond Carver's Quote from the Late Fragment

"And did i get what i wanted from this life, even so?
I did.
And what did i want?
To share some love,
To ride some waves,
To sing some songs.
That's all i wanted on the earth."

A few waves, a little love, a few songs, a bit of life. That should be it? That's all that matters to me in my life?
Yep. That's it in a nutshell.

My heart felt joy, in the waves that I was allowed to ride, in the moments i shared with my family and my friends and my romantical partners. Always when I sang songs, when I played with cats and dogs, wandererd around in beautiful nature, especially in Hawaii, so whenever I felt liveliness, freedom and peace in me. 

Whenever I read a good book or when I…

Greatest moments in my life so far-let me think no particular order
***With my parents in Cala San Vicente (staying at los Pinos), relaxing in the dunes of Es Trenc, at Formentor Beach and Cape Formentor(Mallorca) ***London, Milan and Lugano with Mom and Dad. ***When Bill Hamilton himself guided me through his koa, balsa surf board collection displayed at the Turtle Bay Resort, explaining the work process.Once in a lifetime moment where you say to yourself: Pinch me,is this real? Next day we met him and his friends when they had just come back from catching waves on some of these precious boards.   ***Family dinners at home or elsewhere /
TV nights at my parents home with the family and purring cats around  ***Christmas at home with Mom, Dad and my Sister. ***Going to the movies with my family watching weired movies. ***Surfing Waikiki under new years eve fireworks with Annika ***Being Marylin's and Morris's guests in their Malibu residence,meeting Orlando Bloom with Annika, Surfing Malibu's point break. Drinking Apothic R…

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So these are my words. I’m creating them now, just in case something totally unexpected (like a plane crash) happens and I am wiped off the face of the Earth.

I once read Shelby`s (Shelby Allen) last words . 
She wrote these, before flying to Australia and New Zealand.
If you like to read it:

I thought, yeah she is right. You never know. I fly to Hawaii.
So I come up with some words here, just in case something totally unexpected (like a plane crash) happens and I am wiped off the face of the Earth.

To my Mom, Sister, Dad and best Friends,

Danke liebste Mama,für Alles.
Danke, liebste Schwester,für Alles. 
Danke liebster Papa,für Alles. 
Danke liebste beste Freunde, die ihr so manches Abenteuer mit mir erlebt habt.  
Danke liebste Partnerinnen, die ihr mit mir Tisch und Bett geteilt habt.

Danke für die Zeit, die wir alle zusammen hatten und das ihr mich so genommen habt, wie ich bin.
Das ihr, die ihr mich wirklich kennt, 
immer wusstet, was mir wirklich etwas bedeutet:
Familie, Freunde, Kreativität, Natur, Surfen, Musik,Einfachheit,Freiheit,Fairness, Loyalität,Zusammenhalten auch wenn es mal ungemütlich wir…