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Brief answers to questions I've been asked throughout life.

*MUSIC INDUSTRY Is it better to invest your money in the music industry than making music yourself? What is the Succes rate in the music industry?  Long Story Short. As the Instrustry has changes quite a bit, I can only speak for myself. I want to own my songs. Therefore I gave up on signing publishing deals.  Secondly. I know how contracts work, so I don't need a manager. Third. I have my own studios, label code and distribution arms. So there is no need for a label either. Number four. Marketing. The labels spent a lot for marketing, which eats up a lot of income of the Artists. I'm not so sure wether they always spent it wisely. I can't compete with their money and infrastructure (vevo, radio contacts etc.). I have to act the guerilla way so to speak. Number five. I'm not a a live Artist. Touring is not my thing. Hence no event agency needed. In case I should play live, then more via streaming or among a group of surf buddies.  I invest a fix sum of money in the Indu