Brief answers to questions I've been asked throughout life.

*MUSIC INDUSTRY Is it better to invest your money in the music industry than making music yourself? What is the Succes rate in the music industry?  Long Story Short. As the Instrustry has changes quite a bit, I can only speak for myself. I want to own my songs. Therefore I gave up on signing publishing deals.  Secondly. I know how contracts work, so I don't need a manager. Third. I have my own studios, label code and distribution arms. So there is no need for a label either. Number four. Marketing. The labels spent a lot for marketing, which eats up a lot of income of the Artists. I'm not so sure wether they always spent it wisely. I can't compete with their money and infrastructure (vevo, radio contacts etc.). I have to act the guerilla way so to speak. Number five. I'm not a a live Artist. Touring is not my thing. Hence no event agency needed. In case I should play live, then more via streaming or among a group of surf buddies.  I invest a fix sum of money in the Indu

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List of Feel Good Stuff

Jack Johnson's album in between dreams. Longboard surfing. Hawaii. Family & Friends By the ocean. Meditation. Nature. Wind chimes. Fresh bed sheets and towels. Healthy food. Going to the movies. Laughing about good stand up comedy. Reading a good book. Inscent sticks. indoor surfing

What is it all about? A good question.

What is it all about? A good question. What is this about? What is important in my life? What is the essence of my life - I wonder. Is there anything that matters to me, a few lines I could write on a scratch of paper? Maybe I would write down  my personal version of Raymond Carver's Quote from the  Late Fragment "And did i get what i wanted from this life, even so? I did. And what did i want? To share some love , To ride some waves , To sing some Songs , To be in Hawaii . That's all i wanted on the earth." My heart felt joy, in the waves that I was allowed to ride, in the moments i shared with my family,friends and romantical partners. Always when I sang songs, when I played with cats and dogs, wandererd around in beautiful nature, especially in Hawaii, so whenever I felt liveliness, freedom and peace in me. When I felt whole and accepted for who I am. When I spoke English and noticed how gifted I am being able to express myself in this beautiful l

Greatest moments in my life so far-let me think

GREAT MOMENTS ***My Sabbatical Year in Hawaii 2019/2020 ***Hawaii:Writing/Recording my Music Album " 59313 KE NUI ROAD "  on the North Shore. 2014/2015 ***Cruising around in a Dodge Challenger on Big island ***Hawaii 2020 climbing to the summit of snow capped Mauna Kea on Big island ***Hawaii 2020 Surfing in Hanalei on Kauai ***Hawaii: Magnum  Helicopter Ride on the North Shore of Oahu ***Australia: Skydiving/Sydney ***Florida Keys, Sanibal Island with Claudia ***Hawaii: Scuba diving ***Hawaii: Snorcheling at Hanauma Bay ***Hawaii: Surfing under Waikiki Fireworks into a new year/new years eve 2015/2016with Annika. ***Berlin: Finishing the Berlin Marathon of 2006 in 4h:50m. ***Hawaii: Going to school in Honolulu. ***Bali: Being in Como Shambala/Ubud with Zlata, living in the jungle in an airy house on stilts, enjoying the outside bathing tub and shower, listening to the sound of nature and surfing in Bali in General. ***Hawaii: When Bill Hamilton h

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