Greatest moments in my life so far-let me think


***My Sabbatical Year in Hawaii 2019/2020
***Hawaii:Writing/Recording my Music Album
"59313 KE NUI ROADon the North Shore. 2014/2015
***Cruising around in a Dodge Challenger on Big island
***Hawaii 2020 climbing to the summit of snow capped Mauna Kea on Big island
***Hawaii 2020 Surfing in Hanalei on Kauai
***Hawaii: Magnum 
Helicopter Ride on the North Shore of Oahu
***Australia: Skydiving/Sydney
***Florida Keys, Sanibal Island with Claudia
***Hawaii: Scuba diving

***Hawaii: Snorcheling at Hanauma Bay
***Hawaii: Surfing under Waikiki Fireworks into a new year/new years eve 2015/2016with Annika.
***Berlin: Finishing the Berlin Marathon of 2006 in 4h:50m.
***Hawaii: Going to school in Honolulu.
***Bali: Being in Como Shambala/Ubud with Zlata, living in the jungle in an airy house on stilts, enjoying the outside bathing tub and shower, listening to the sound of nature and surfing in Bali in General.
***Hawaii: When Bill Hamilton himself guided me through his koa, balsa surf board collection displayed at the Turtle Bay Resort, explaining the work process.Once in a lifetime moment where you say to yourself: Pinch me,is this real?Next day we met Bill and his friends when they had just come back from catching waves on some of these precious boards.  

***Hawaii: Surfer the Bar/Turtle Bay Resort, when Kelly Slater and Rob Machado talked about their historic HI5 Heat in the Pipe Masters. 

***At night on top of Teufelsberg in my old Mini and Claudia like teenagers in Hollywood Movies.
***Hawaii: Playing on the ukulele with Tutu Janet at Turtle Bay Resort.  

***Hawaii: Surfing Breakwall/Lahaina/Maui in good company of Laura, Kevin, Daniel. And off road to big wave surf spot Jaws.

***BERLIN-THAILAND(2015/2017) Snowboarding/Snowsurfing at Teufelsberg and Surfing at Kata Noi with Rico. Including Party Night with Jet Set from Macao at Ka Yok See (meaning: stained glass window) in Phuket Town with Christian.

***Hawaii: Yoga under the Palms/Waikiki

***Hawaii: Stairway to Heaven Trail on top of the world in good company of Evelina, Alina and Robin.

***Berlin: Meeting William Finnegan when he presented his book "Babarian Days" in Berlin book store Uslar&Rai.

***Hawaii: at Keki Pool, Nightly Banyan Breeze Massage visit, tide pool (shark's cove/Pupukea), surfing at Turtle Bay, swimming and surfing in Kawela Bay, playing on the guitar in the shade at Hilton Lagoon (all with Annika)

***With my parents in Cala San Vicente (staying at los Pinos), relaxing in the dunes of Es Trenc, at Formentor Beach and Cape Formentor(Mallorca)

***London, Milan and Lugano with Mom and Dad.

***Family dinners at home or elsewhere /tv-nights at my parents home with the family and purring cats around 

***Christmas at home with Mom, Dad and my Sister. Going to the movies with my family watching weired movies.

***Whenever I gave my Mom a ride from her work place back home in my red old mini. We often stopped for a scoop of italien ice cream. she gave me one of her sandwiches she still had in her lunch box, cause she did not had the time to eat it.

***SRI LANKA: Surfing with my Dad and Amos, catching up with Marco at Drive Thru Camp.Invitation to family dinner.

Ayuvedic Shirodata at Paradies Beach Club /Mirissa.

***San Francisco/ Sausalito/Ocean Beach Surfing and at Wise Surf Shop/Malibu with my Dad. Hawaii with my Dad.

***MALIBU: Being Marylin's and Morris's guests in their Malibu residence, meeting Orlando Bloom with Annika, Surfing Malibu's first Point at the surfrider beach. Drinking Apothic Red Wine and having meaningful and fun talks, with Marilyn and Morisson watching british TV Series "Doc Martin" together. 

***MALIBU: The day Marylin, Morris, Annika and I were taking a walk to Point Dume. We saw a red fox that would become the next days news flash topic.
We made a stop at Spruzzo's
and the went to the Old Place afterwards where Marilyn was playing the upright piano.

***Surfing Cala Mesquida, catching up with my Sister, Steven, Manuela, Mallorca

***Catching up with circle of friends like Roman, Sven, Roni, Jendrik, Knut, David, Rico, Franky W., Dirko, Rene, Maik...

***Living at Los Pinos, Mallorca for the first time with Anja back then.

***World Cup 2006 writing own song that was distributed largely through Berlin newspaper "Der Berliner Kurier". Mom being super proud. Olympiastadium with Franky watching a world cup game.

***World Cup 2010 Tante Käthe with Franky, Nicole and Dad

***Visiting New York, at night on the old World Trade Center Oberservation Deck (1998), traveling to Canada, Toronto, CN Tower, Niagara Falls. VIA Rail train to Vancouver with Anja and Jendrik, Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

***Canada, Detroit and Chicago with Claudia including visiting Jendrik & Co in Kitchener Waterloo/Wilfried Laurier Campus. 

***My various Santa Monica stays with Marcia & Yulia.

***Eckhart Tolle 4 Days Retreat

***Birthday in Las Vegas with Franky and Detlef, visiting David Copperfield's magic show at MGM Grand, meeting Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley in a Lake Tahoe/Nevada Casino/Trip through the desert of Nevada, visiting Yellostone, doing winetours in the mountains, seeing San Francisco, Santa Cruz and back to L.A. along the legendary Highway No.1.

***Fireworks at Teufelsberg, new years eve Anja, Jendrik and others.

***Flying from Sydney to 
Honolulu with Zlata

***Surfing in Manly (Sidney), Staying at Tanja's/Kerim's rooftop appartement having barbeque, seeing whales from the balcony. Zlata, Franky, Riu, Hans, Jana,Vera at Victoria Room (Darlinghurst), Baron's at Kings Cross. Meeting Hans, Niki, Martin, Melissa,Lutz and Maria in Balmain. Sky diving in Sydney with Zlata and by myself (before)
Visiting Sydneys Opera House watching a kind of Ballet Theatre Piece.

***BERLIN: Wake Surfing with Zlata, Tom und Nadine

***BERLIN:Cable park Velten days

***La Palma: with Franky, Sandra, Claudia

***Cuba: with Claudia swimmimg with dolphins, sailing a catamaran. Hanging out with Maik and Mandy.

***AUSTRALIA: Surfing in Byron Bay and Bondi beach with Alexej,me in a floating tank in Byron Bay

***CANARIES:Waveguru surf camp, Fuerte Ventura, La Pared with Moritz and others

***KOS: Wedding of Franky and Alison catchin up with Riu and Esther in Kos, surfing waves in Kos, visiting Socrates's Gardens.

***BALTIC SEA: In my old yellow VW Beetle (Bug)Baltic Sea with Nadine.

***Walking up to Diamond Head, beautiful view over Waikiki and west Coast

***Koko head trail with Tino

***Singing with Brenda and others in Lemon Rd..

***Ehukai trail with Annika overlooking Pipeline, hiking to Kaena Point watching albatrosses nesting, humpbackwhales jumping, monk seals resting

***Surf sessions with Dirko in Peniche and Caparica, especially the "big wednesday"

***Being down at Pipeline watching the Pipe Masters upclose and personal with Zlata (2010) and my Dad (2012)

***In Peniche while Ripcurl the Search went down.Skate-boarding and surfing with Dirko and Ana.

***Big Wednesday at Costa Caparica and dinner with Dirko Ana and Luiz.

***2Wave Surfing in Pritzerbe with Lutz

***Azores, surfing Populo beach, relaxing in hot springs (Caldeira).

***Jersey Channel Islands surfing at Watersplash/Saint Ouen

***Whenever my masseuse treats me, heavenly 

***Watching surf movies in a crowd of other surf enthusiasts.

***Powder snowboarding in Czech Republic, Garmisch(with Zlata, Rome, Evgenia) Ochsenkopf with Zlata,Juliane, bunch of poeple from Strawberry

***Sylt with Zlata, Rom, Evgenia

***Jivamukti Yoga Classes with Dechen Karl Thurman from New York and Mick from Sydney.

***Shooting Music Videos with Michael, Dirk, Ana, Rico, Sarah, Steffi (Good Times/Lake Wannsee) and in Patanosta (Tears/Town Hall Schöneberg)

***Weekend at Baltic Sea with Michael Schulte and Rico 

***Weekend at Dock Inn Warnemünde with Rico, Dyana and Sven

***At Mick O'Brien's House at Pipline with Albert, Annika and lots of party People.

***Surfing Kühlungsborn and Wustrow with Rene, Maik, Andi...

***Surfing in Portugal with Rene, Maik, Andi, Björn...

**El Palmar Surf A-frame
Arne & Katrin, Malte ,Marco, Sybi, Nadja..

**Good Times Surf Portugal
Marco, Malte, Sybi, Big Lebowski..

**Lanzarote Red Star Surf (Andrej, Mike, Dean Gough Tara&Gerry, 

*Pisa (Leaning Tower), Tuscany (Chianti Wine Fields), Como, Florence, Viareggio with Nadin_!


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