What is it all about? A good question.

What is it all about? A good question. What is this about? What is important in my life?

What is the essence of my life - I wonder.

Is there anything that matters to me, a few lines I could write on a scratch of paper?

Maybe I would write down  my personal version of Raymond Carver's Quote from the Late Fragment

"And did i get what i wanted from this life, even so?
I did.
And what did i want?
To share some love,
To ride some waves,
To sing some Songs,
To be in Hawaii.
That's all i wanted on the earth."

My heart felt joy, in the waves that I was allowed to ride, in the moments i shared with my family,friends and romantical partners. Always when I sang songs, when I played with cats and dogs, wandererd around in beautiful nature, especially in Hawaii, so whenever I felt liveliness, freedom and peace in me. When I felt whole and accepted for who I am. When I spoke English and noticed how gifted I am being able to express myself in this beautiful language that I can't get enough of fine tuning and improving on a daily basis. 

Whenever I read a good book or when I saw a great movie. Whenever I joint in a yoga class sourounded by fellow likeminded Jivamuktis.  Generally, when I laughed with others like at a Comedy club. Sometimes even when I cried and was sad.When I was quiet and noticed breathing came so naturally.

It really comes down to those things: Love, Waves, Songs, Hawaii. And if I had a little more time? What would I do then?

I'd love,ride waves, sing songs, spent time in Hawaii and get spiritually sound.
Trying to be the best version of me.

I am in competition with no one.I have no desire to play the game of being better than  anyone.I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday.

Accepting myself and seeing me out of a place of abundance. Trusting myself and knowing about my qualities. I am allowed to openly say what I feel in a certain moment. 
I don't need to pretend being someone else but me. No reason to hide, to fake, to be phony. 

Note to self: lighten up don't be so uptight. Keep paddling and embrace the paddle. Don't stop learning new things. Stay courious. Life is an adventure.Come out of hiding, show yourself just as you are in this moment! Rembember: Little flaws make people human.


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