Who is Andy Weinstein? My Biography and where to find me on the internet

Biography: Name: Andreas Weinstein Nickname/Artistname/Pseudonym:Andy Born in Berlin, Germany in the Summer of 69. I went to Kindergarden and School in Berlin. In 1991 I got my high School diploma. I studied at Humboldt-Univerity Berlin between 1995 and 2000.I got my degree in Media Communication in 2000. After five years of working and studying  I travelled a lot and founded my own enterprise under the name of W EiNSTEiN MEDiA  in 2006. So far WEiNSTEiN MEDiA  has been mainly a location scouting agency for giant outdoor advertising spaces(Billboards) in the City of Berlin and a record Label. I am also a photographer and musician . I signed Singer Michael Schulte in the year of 2010 and guided him through the first chapters of his career. Michael moved on to another label some years later and was quite known by then already. Considering the fact that 91% of all musicians are totally undiscovered it is almost a miracle that he came so far (ESC 4th place 2018, B

My last words just in case...

Last Words  So these are my last words, I´m creating them now. Just in case something totally unexpected like a plane crash happends and I'm wiped off the face of the Earth. I once read Shelby`s (Shelby Allen) last words. She wrote these, before flying to Australia and New Zealand. She thought "Just in case". I thought, yeah she is right. You never know. I fly to Hawaii. So I come up with some words here, just in case something totally unexpected (like a plane crash) happens and I am wiped off the face of the Earth. To my Mom, Sister, and Dad. To my best friends. To my romantic partners.  To business partners, team mates, colleagues and companions. Thanks Mom for being the best Mom I could ever imagine. I can't thank you enough for what you did for me. You mean so much to me, you know. Thanks Sis for being on my side and for being brave. I am proud of you. We are a great team. Thanks Pops for everything. We achieved a lot. We can