Who is Andy Weinstein? My Biographie and where to find me on the internet

A Kind of Biography:

Hi my name is (what?)...my name is (who?)
Andy (Nickname/Artistname/Pseudonym)
Andreas (Official Name / Passport Name)

I was born in Berlin, Germany in the Summer of 69 and inspired Bryan Adams to write a song about it....NOT..;)))LOL

In that same year Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon with Apollo 11 and placed a Birthday Flag on the Moon for me.......STILL NOT.

I went to Kindergarden and School as most kids do. In 1991 I got my high School diploma. I studied at Humboldt-Univerity Berlin between 1995 and 2000.I got my degree in Media Communication in 2000.

After five years of working and studying I travelled a lot and founded my own enterprise under the name of Weinstein Media in 2006.

So far Weinstein Media has been mainly a location scouting agency for giant outdoor advertising spaces(Billboards) in the City of Berlin and a record Label.

As I am also a photographer and musician it made total sense to use these assets for my venture.I take photos of Advertising spaces for my own purpose and for others on demand.  
And Music was needed here and there marketing wise. So why not produce it on my own and found a record label under the same name? So I did.

I signed Michael Schulte in the year of 2010 and guided him through the first chapters of his career. Michael moved on to another label some years later and was quite known by then already. Considering the fact that 91% of all musicians are totally undiscovered it is almost a miracle that he came so far (ESC 4th place 2018, Bambi 2018, Gold Record Award in the  Netherlands for 20000 sold copies in 2018 and a lot of Radio airplays so far).

So, after Michael, I decided to focus more on my own stuff. That beeing my company, Surfing and going to Hawaii.
I recorded an album called 59313 Ke Nui Road there in 2015. Hawaii is my place of longing. 

In 2019/2020 I took a work sabbatical. I needed to take a break and recharge my batteries. I was feeling a little uninspired. I used this time to enroll in an english language School in Honolulu.




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